Thursday, January 2, 2014

First post of 2014

So for the first post of 2014, i shall post a inspired style of my fav blogger/instagramer; luanna. 
in my opinion, i feel that our style is pretty similar. but of cos she dress better. really love all the outfits she put together. 

The 1st look. i have the exact leather x mesh jacket. it was designed by her for this jacket is really comfy. and i paired it with a similar oversize tank top and shorts i have. you can recreate this look with any leather jacket, oversize tank, printed hw shorts and a stockings.

2nd look. leather sleeve jacket with a white L/S and checked swing skirt. i also notice she likes to wear stockings alot. but i don't usually wear stockings as you know in sg, it already very warm!
you can recreate this look with any mix material jacket, a plain L/S and any checked skirt.


Monday, November 25, 2013

West to the FAR east

Soooo some of you may know that I have moved to the east. i used to stay at bukit batok. and now, I am staying at Pasir ris. SUPER FAR. alot of people tell me that i would LOVE the east. but even after 1 month plus here, I DISLIKE IT. LOL. super inconvenient. i love to take bus when i travel but now..... I CANT! from places like town or bugis i would need to train home. there is no bus. even if there is i n\would have to have to change like 2 to 3 bus and it will take more than 2 hours to be home... Tired and tested... NO JOKE. this really makes me sooooo annoyed. when i stayed in batok last time, i can take bus home like 174 or 61. and it's super near school tooo... now i need to take 1hour plus to reach school. Major meh! cant wait to graduate ): hopefully i can pass :/ and I NEED TO BUCK UP. i kept telling myself that but i keep on going back to my lazy life ): which is BAD! i really need a change  ): and in less than 3weeks B is gonna enlist ): how am i gonna surviveeee.... kidding... but i know i am really gonna miss him. 

that's all from me today. i am gonna go do my stuff ^^

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recent loots

So before I move house, i ordered a few items online and everything is finally here! so i'll do a post on all these items :p

YESSS I FINALLY GOT MY DREAM SHOE!!! jeffrey campbell soiree! 
i got this from with a dress and a sock which i didn't take any picture of. i bought it in size 6 and i kinda think that it's a lil too big. but if i get 5 it will be too small plus they dun have stock for it and if i want to get that size i have to wait till nov. and also cause i am afraid that size 5 will be too small thou i think that 5.5 will be perfect :p oh well, at least still can walk in these babiesss.

Then i got these 2 bottoms from a US website. Each is about $28USD. I lke both the design verymuch because the plain "zara inspired" design skorts is a lil mainstream. the leather lining makes the skorts look special :p and the peterpan galaxy skirt is sooo pretty. i like to buy things manufactured by them because it's all very unique. i'll do a blog post on the items i buy there before. so far i have 5 items from there. & i'll share the website. (:  

& weeeeeee!!! MY DR MARTS!!!! in love with the colour thou the material is kinda rubbery. HAHA. bought it at leftfoot though. for $209. feel happy and sad at the same time after i buy this pair of shoes. happy cause i finally got my dream shoes and sad cause my money fly!!! ):

then i bought this top and bottom from YHF. i waited for close to 2 months for it. and by far the shorts is the most expensive thing i buy from a blogshop. but it's worth it cause it's super nice ^^ look at the last picture of the close up of the shorts. ^^

OKAY i know i spent ALOT. still got more stuff coming next month for my new house :p needa save up alr ): i know i've been saying this since idk when! but really... i need to save!!!!!! seeing ppl saving more than me makes me feel lousy ): SO OLD ALREADY STILL CANT SAVE UP ): mehhhh......v

Friday, October 11, 2013

New hair colour - pink&purple highlight w red base

Weee I am back with a new blog post. Lika finally cos i always got no idea what can i blog about. I know i am suspose to blog about my bkk trip but i dun have alot of pictures. Soooo yeah :p here's a post about my new hair & i am loving it! :D so far i have went to the home salon for 3 times and i always step out feeling very happy & even smile to myself after the session. I think i am crazy :p HAHA. But really. She'll give you the advise & all. Really good! Plus it's super affordable! Like if you go to those normal salon it's gonna cost like $200 plus for all the colours that i want. I have a some coupon for this certain salon but i didnt use it cause, even after using, it will still cost abt $200. & since the home salon now has pink, why not! This time round i went with vivian & glad that she is happy with her new hair too! :D we are 2 happy girl. But before that we took like 2 hrs to reach. LOL. Thanks to GPS & my drop pin. HAHAH!
Anyway, i shall post the pictures of my hair. ;p

while bleaching. & i really look like a mad woman. HAHA

after washing off the bleach. not obvious thou

applying highlight ^^

closer view of the highlight.

YAY!! end product! so happy ^^
the bottom view, the aunty put more purple and pink below cos my previous colour is lighter at the bottom and this can make the highlight look brighter.

just needed to take more selfie :p 


close up of my hair :p 

Love this shot cos my purple can be seen :p weeeee

the result always turns out the way i wanted. super happy ^^ & it's cheap. cut + bleach + 1 base colour + 2 highlight colour only $100! super worth it right!!!!!!

if you are keen to dye your hair there u can ask me for her contact :p btw it's at tampines.

i'll be blogging about my shift soon :p 

till then, BYE! <3 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dream shoes

I really cant wait for the day that i get my hands on these babiesss! alr gotten 1 of my dream shoes which is jeffrey campbell's thomb. i always wanted a soiree cos i am obsessed with transparent heels or strap. i'm crazyyy. HAHA. Below are the pictures of the shoes i want :p

really want the soiree and Dr marts so so badly ): the NB i can still leave without :p HAHA! i tried on JC heels when i was in bkk and it was soo comfy, so i thought to myself that i should invest in a pair of JC heels. then i remembered my obsession with soiree and decided that i shall invest in this pair ^^ hope i'll wear it  :/ cos actually i prefer flatform. but it's just sooo pretty to be missed. and since i always wear boots, i wanna get the dirty wash cherry red dr marts. at least it's something different from my usually black boots :p cant wait to have them and pair my outfit with them :p 
ps, i just have to rant abt my wants. hehe

i was alr about to check out the soiree at nastygal but when i refresh the page it got sold out. sooo sad. but i emailed them to check for restock and the stuff told me they will! she is really helpful and nice! really like nastygal service! thank you samantha E for your kind service :D much appreciated! 

stay tune to my bkk post. :D

Friday, July 26, 2013


In the past, I don't really fancy buying shoes and all cause to me, i think that getting 1/2 pairs of a simple black shoes that can match all my outfit will be good. but little did i know, actually what kind of shoes you pair with your outfit will give you a different look. then i slowly got more kinds of shoes thought most of them are black. cause black is really if you are wearing a black jeans with maybe a normal tee shirt top, you can either wear it with boots to give u a more 'rocker' feel or you can wear it with a sneakers or even with heels to look more 'classy'. but that's so not me. cause i cant stand walking for long in heels. it's just not my thing :/ haha i really salute those who can wear their heels out all day like all the pretty bloggers. i just cant. my whole body will start hurting my a old woman and it's just so uncomfortable cause i couldn't walk very fast in it tooo..i would prefer platform over heels. i can balance and walk better in it. i thik i have become obsessed with shoes :/ HAHA especially anything that is transparent :/ LOVE glass heels. just soo pretty.and i am also obsessed with criss cross. like those nastygal inspired dresses. any side cut out dress also attract me ALOT! i am crazy. but actually my BF doesn't really like me wearing those revealing clothes. haha. i buy alot of similar pieces all the time.

back to the main topic, shoes. below are my shoes collection :p it's obvious that i'm a safe person. most of my shoes are BLACK! haha cos black goes with any color!!
The reason why there are 4 boxes is that i am way too lazy to take them out. My maroon converse, studded superga, maroonxpink dr marts & my high cut dr marts. Hehe too lazy. Some of the shoes, i hven worn them in monthssss. Sorry for the bad picture quality. But u'll see them in my ootdsss. Hahah! You can also see that i don't really own heels. Just 2. The rest are flatforms or platform. Love my jelly sandals from topshop ;p the quality is really much better as compared to co's. hahah. 

How do i usually decide what shoes to wear? 
If i am wearing pants or jeans, i'll usually go for boots. But if i'm really lazy i'll just put on some loafers. Like the cross studded one or the one with metal tip infront. Simple yet the gold in them makes them looks better :p
If i am wearing bandage skirt i'll wear platforms. Or boots. I'll wear my boots more often cos it's really very my kind of style. The little feel of a rocker. Hahah! 
If i wear shorts, i would usually wear my briks or sandals. But recently i start to wear with my canvas shoes too! & loving the look (: this way i could also wear them out more often. Better than letting it rot. Cant wait for intern to end & i can dress up more casually & wear anything i want. Wont be very dressy anymore. As i am wearing dress or skirt almost everyday. & somedays you'll get tired of it. I am already too lazy to think of what to wear. Mehhh.. 1 week more! Cant wait!! Time for bed! 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

summary of my 2nd week of July.

stayed over at my cousin place as my aunty is overseas. babysitting the girls was tiringgg! cheeky!! but enjoyed myself alot. cos they are just soooo cute. things that they say, little things that they laugh at. such cutiess. this Joy you find in a kid. it's just so good to be a kid. carefree and stressfree! do anything you want. i wish i am still a kid. ): time flies... i'm already 20 this year and few more months i'll be 21. cos 2014 is coming sooooon. kay 5 more months till new year thouuuu. HAHA

happily eating the biscuit that i bought them. 

cutie nisse nisse posing for the camera while waiting for shayenne's sch bus to arrive.

nissenisee wants a hat! :p

then over the weekends.. i had flea at beer market.. worst experience. the crowd was bad :/ and i doubt they even advertise much ): and it's sooo colddd!! ): everything is just not very good ): like cos the event is on a second floor, the sign they put below is made of paper and doubt it's really visible. hardly even 10 customer walk by my booth ))): the whole event crowd was less than 50 :/ i guess.. it's just disappointing ))): more - than + ): didnt sell a single cover ))):

our booth.

& we got real bored. till 1 point B fell aslp.. LOL

My fav case form my new design collection! :p

just my usual routine.. OOTD! HAHAHA

then sunday, the CG headed to sentosa to celebrate our beloved Cynstarine BDAY!!!! weeeee

FOOTPRINTS. soo artistic. LOL

me & cin. loving my hair colour in this pic :p 

a floral crown that i made for cyn but look a bit funny. hahaa

and a beach OOTD. hehe

A pic with my BFF!! :D love herr!

myy favvvv leader!! BEST LEADER IN THE WWW!!! 

W279!!! <3

us at festive hotel :p 

everything was great! the surprise went well i guess :p our performances was kinda :/ you know. but we didnt practive at all. so... afterall it's okay! HAHA!! :p everyone enjoyed the whole celebration :p & lil bess joined us at sentosa too. so happy to see her ((: more outings to come! (: